Patrol Division

Captain Michael Goldman

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Jose Quinoy

Executive Officer

The Patrol Division provides twenty four hour general police services. The Division consists of a number of Patrol Squads, Traffic Enforcement Unit, Patrol Task Force, and the Operations Section. Patrol Squads consists of Civilian Communications Specialists, Police Officers and Sergeants who function as Patrol Supervisors. Each squad is Commanded by a Lieutenant. The squads provide around the clock general police services acting as first responders on all calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency and enforcing all applicable laws.

The Traffic Unit provides both proactive and educational enforcement of Vehicle and Traffic laws. The members of the unit also perform inspections of all City licensed taxi cabs, enforce State and Federal commercial vehicle statutes and work with the Department of Environmental to ensure that auto repair shops are in compliance of with environmental regulations.

The Patrol Task Force, a citywide unit, functioning in areas that generate complaints of quality of life offenses as well as enforcement of all applicable laws. The hours of the Unit vary in order to address changing crime patterns and patrol initiatives.

The Operations Section performs all administrative functions of the Division including scheduling, formulating operational plans for events that require a police presence and directing police services to areas on an as needed basis.